Steadicam Gold Workshop

Welcome everyone.

The edition of our Steadicam Gold Workshop foresees the participation of 20 students, who will form 5 groups of 4 people who will be supported and followed by 5 instructors, in rotation every day, directed by the Lead instructor Chris Fawcett, who realizes the program of the Course.

The workshop will count on teaching and technical tests by qualified, high-level instructors / operators with extensive experience in the international cinema field, from all over Europe. Through this hands-on experience of professional training, learners gain the skills and all the necessary knowledge to be in able to develop, to the best of one’s ability, and with complete training, a fascinating job that is always in demand in the sector. During the course, in addition to traditional practice, each group experiences the various types of shooting in motion with different means, such as trolley, crane, polaris or quad, camera car, and rickshaw.

It is a specialization course, but also ideal for beginners, which allows, in addition to acquiring the knowledge of this shooting system, also to directly experience a unique unprecedented experience, favoring the “networking” between operators from all over the world, who during a week of “full immersion” share the same location, the same dining place, experiences, anecdotes, the knowledge, and the various practices of all participants, including instructors, who give the Course an added value.

After this Workshop the participants will obtain an official diploma recognized by Tiffen, the first Steadicam brand in the world, being together with Cartoni and SteadicamAction, main Sponsors of this Workshop, which qualifies them to practice this shooting technique, in a professional way, in the field of their competence.

This Event has a very broad international scope, because for each edition we have the participation of people from various continents. By filling in the form you find on this site you can be registered on the list for the next course.
Thank you all.

Diego Allegro

Steadicam Action | Instructor Diego Allegro

Steadicam Action was born in 1999 in Rome, by Diego Allegro as Steadicam equipment rental with qualified operators for the Italian cinema and television market. Steadicam operator since 1988, (Cinema Products L.A.), SOA registered 1990.
Master Steadicam in 1997 in Venice, with Garrett Brown, Larry McConkey, Jerry Holway. Steadicam Gold Workshop Organizer Manager since 2018 in Tenerife, with Garrett Brown, Jerry Holway, Chris Fawcett.

After years of knowledge and experience in the sector, evaluating the needs of camera operators interested in expanding their professionalism and the growing demand for the use of Steadicam in film and television productions, after moving to Tenerife in 2016, and continuing to provide rental services for productions, Steadicam Action has also become an organizational structure for specialized courses for operators and assistants, creating new editions of the “Steadicam Gold Workshop“, following the teachings of Garrett Brown and continuing his path of educating and creating new Steadicam operators, with the help of our sponsors Tiffen and Cartoni.
After having organized the first two editions of the “Steadicam Gold Workshop” in Tenerife, in 2018 and 2019, with the live participation of Garrett Brown, and given the excellent results obtained, the Cultural and Audiovisual Association Action was created with other members, which has been dealing with the administrative management of the Workshops since 2020.

Diego Allegro