Gold Workshop 2018 Tenerife

((Nov 19th - 24th 2018))
Steadicam Action | Gold Steadicam Workshops

Hotel Rural El Patio El Guincho (Garachico)

This rural hotel is an old manor house from 1565, situated in an old lava flow, with a great history and a unique charm. It is located in the northwest of Tenerife, specifically in El Guincho.
We go back to the 15th century to mention the Ponte family, of Italian origin and where the story begins of Cristóbal de Ponte (1447-1532) who sailed the seas from Genoa to reach the island of Tenerife and received from the conqueror Alonso Fenández de Lugo several plots of land, on which he would found the village of Garachico and later the estate where the hotel is located today. Before reaching the present day along the road we come across numerous landmarks, a hermitage inside the estate in 1565, the cultivation of vines or the construction at the time of the current Casa Cristóbal de Ponte which revolves around the hotel’s courtyard.

In 1.608 the then King of Spain, Felipe III, granted Don Melchor de Ponte y Prieto the estate of Tenerife and at the same time the house grew according to the needs of the time; sugar cane plantations, vineyards and banana plantations, among others, mark the history of the estate and its relationship with the crops.

Today you enter a space of more than 60 hectares surrounded by banana plantations, full of essence, history and calm, rocked by the swaying of the Atlantic and the unique nature that surrounds it.

Images from the workshop