Gold Workshop 2022 Gran Canaria

(October 04th - 11th 2022)
Steadicam Action | Gold Steadicam Workshops


The Hotel was built in the 19th century thanks to the English companies that financed and invested in Gran Canaria. The place where it is located is the area commonly known as Monte Lentiscal (Santa Brígida), famous for its wine tradition and its climate.

It was designed by architect Alarico Delmard, who brought the wood from British Columbia. His project would consist of four wooden floors with a stone base, a typical and traditional design of Swiss and Alpine dwellings in general.

Its tourist activity begins in 1898 with the arrival of the first English to rest and enjoy a perfect place to recover their mood.

The upper classes of the United Kingdom passed through the Hotel and it was attended by such illustrious figures of the time as the Prince of Monaco in 1904, Isabel de Borbón y Borbón in 1910 or even Miguel de Unamuno also in that same year.

On Tuesday, August 9, 1938, with Spain divided by the Civil War, the emblematic Hotel de Santa Brígida went up in flames due to a short circuit in one of the rooms, completely destroying it.

After many years of reforms, on Friday, November 6, 1992, it was re-opened as “Hotel Escuela Santa Brígida”, with a 4-star category.

Images from the workshop