Category: Instructor

  • Steadicam Action | Instructor Giovanni Gebbia

    Giovanni Gebbia

    He falls in love with the magical enchantment of cinema after seeing Steven Spielberg's Jaws at a very young age.…
  • Steadicam Action | Instructor Diego Allegro

    Diego Allegro

    Born in Montepulciano, at the age of 12 he handled his father's Kodak Retina and developed a passion for photography…
  • Steadicam Action | Instructor Danny Hallett

    Danny Hallett

    Danny has been working around Steadicam® for 16 years after attending his first own workshop at the BBC Wood Norton…
  • Steadicam Action | Instructor Robin John Thwaites

    Robin John Thwaites

    Robin Thwaites originally qualified as a photographer at what is now Richmond upon Thames College, near London and followed this…
  • Steadicam Action | Instructor Jakob Bonfils

    Jakob Bonfils

    My name is Jakob Bonfils and I was educated as an advertising photographer and some years later, I joined filmmaking,…
  • Steadicam Action | Instructor Jo Vermaercke

    Jo Vermaercke

    Jo Vermaercke started his career as a freelance cameraman in 1989. He was filming the fall of the Berlin Wall,…
  • Steadicam Action | Instructor Valentin Monge

    Valentin Monge

    Born in Paris, in 1965Cinema family, she editor, he, one of the first to introduce Steadicam in Europe. I was…
  • Steadicam Action | Instructor Alex Brambilla

    Alex Brambilla

    It is my honour to lead a team of five highly-experienced European operators that guide you in groups of four…
  • Steadicam Action | Instructor Richard Vaky Mallaby

    Richard Vaky Mallaby

    Richard Dallimore Mallaby “Vaky” In 1986, at one of the first Garrett Brown’s Workshops in Italy, he got to know…
  • Steadicam Action | Instructor Evrim Kaya

    Evrim Kaya

    Following film school and a few years as a camera assistant, i took my Steadicam workshop in 2009 and trained…